Adding Best Garage Lighting

Best garage lighting – Garage is usually not designed with the best lighting options, so adding more light to your garage / workshop is really a good idea. The best way is to add fluorescent light fittings to the ceiling. These fixtures are energy efficient and low cost, the bulbs last for a long time and the entire fixture is almost maintenance free.

Ornament Best Garage Lighting


Put on protective gear and put down dust sheets to protect your garage floor. Turn off the power to the garage. Set up for the steps. Remove the old fixture cover if it has one. Best garage lighting with Connect wire nuts or wires, remember where each wire goes. Remove the old fixture from the ceiling. Punch out the center hole on the back of fluorescent light with a whole punch in metal. Place a rubber bushing in the hole to protect the sharp edge of the threads passing through it. Hold the fluorescent light fixture up to the ceiling and mark the two screw holes on the ceiling with a marker. Take the fixture and drill 1/4 inch holes where your pencil marks.

Put the roof anchors in the holes you drilled. Tap them in place with a hammer. Place the best garage lighting over the center hole again on the ceiling. Pull the wires into the fixture housing. Install two screws in the anchor you just installed. Pull down the fixture, making it straight. Connect the cables as you removed them. Place the light shield on. Install the fluorescent lamp.

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