Addition For The Garage Apartment Plan

Garage Apartment Plan – Attic above a garage is an ideal place for a small apartment due to its privacy from the rest of the house. A college student, in law or young married couple, can use the space for months or years. In fact, building an apartment for your child to enter a local university is a good investment for rental income after your child graduates.

Mother In Law Suite Above Garage

You will have to obtain a building permit and copy of the building codes. Local authorities will probably advise you to hire an expert builder to evaluate the addition of weight to your garage. Draw a basic plan and think through the electrical and plumbing needs. Design and decoration should use the distinctive character of the space. Plan to jump the attic from its highest peak, for example.

Compact and functional kitchen and bathroom space are necessary. Build a small kitchen on a wall by using a short refrigerator under a countertop, as an option. Plan the room next to a fire escape. A deck with a sliding door is a good idea in case someone in the apartment has to leave quickly. Build the bedroom deck with stairs that lead to the floor. Install a motion detector light and subscribe to an anti-theft surveillance system if the garage is far from the house.

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