Are You Still Looking Ideas Diy Garage Shelves?

Diy garage shelves – The garage is often a messy room. And yes, it’s not easy to keep a tidy garage! Tools, bicycles, gardening tools, winter clothes … You never know how to organize all this stuff. Result, we find nothing in this bazaar! Fortunately, we have selected for you some great storage ideas for the garage. No more bazaar! You will see everything will find its place.

Diy Garage Organizer

Tired of seeing cartons piling up everywhere? Make room with plastic boxes with a lid. It’s a classic, but it’s still great, especially for storing fragile things like winter clothes. You still have some PVC tubes, do you know those used for evacuations? Cut into sections of about 30 cm. Hang them on boards like the picture. Then fix these boards on one of the walls of the garage.

Are you still looking for your tools? Here is the solution you have been waiting for. Take a large perforated board. Secure it to the wall with cleats. Put a few hooks to hang your tools. And now, all your tools are tidy and visible. You want to make room on the ground? So install a mezzanine in your garage. A few wooden planks and wooden rafters to fix the ceiling will allow you to clear space.

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