Assembling The IKEA Room Divider Shelves

IKEA Room Divider Shelves – Room-divider shelving is a functional and attractive way to break large open spaces within homes. You can maintain the separation between a kitchen and a living room without imposing a wall and door. These simple, light shelves can be built to any size and easily moved or repositioned.

Ikea Bookshelf As Room Divider

Set two 3/4-by-12-by-48-inch plywood boards on the work surface. And have an assistant hold them in place at their long, thin edges. Place two 3/4-by-12-by-56-inch plywood plates. That will be the top and bottom boards, against either end of these side plates. So, that they form a large rectangular frame. Position three 3/4-by-12-by-54-1 plywood boards / 2 inches within the frame of being the shelves. Space as needed based on anticipated storage and design preferences.

Position 2-inch metal L-brackets against the top and bottom of each shelf panel with the other half of each bracket against the side boards. Space these brackets every six inches between the boards. Measure the distance between each of these shelves, as well as the distance between the shelves and the top and bottom joints. Transfer these distances of 3 sections / 4-by-12-inches of plywood, and cut the boards. Tighten the vertical joints in place with one end of the header against the shelf joint on either side and drill three holes through the shelf joints towards the ends of the vertical boards.

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