Assembly Instructions For Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Wall Mounted Wine Rack – The wine is often represented in attractive frames. That is designed to be mounted securely to a wall. Because the wine is heavy, most wine racks are also designed to carry a large amount of weight. And also to keep the wine so that the corks remain moist. This means that the frame must be level and assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In all cases, a wine rack mounted on the wall must be screwed directly into the studs or other substantial wall materials so it will not fall and cause injury or damage.

Silver Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Examine the installation requirements of the wine rack to determine the weight of the rack load when it is in capacity. Select a French cleat-type of mounting system that is designed to maintain the capacity of the wine rack. Decide the location where you want to install the wine rack. Mark the width of the frame on the wall in a pencil light. Mark each stud.

Look at the back of the wine rack. Measure a level horizontal line, and mount the fixing system that looks down to the back of the wine rack. Transfer your measurements of the height of the wall. Mark where you want the upper part of the wine rack to be. Add rubber bumpers in the lower corners of the back of the wine rack, if the fixing system will cause the wine rack to hang unevenly or tilt forward along the upper front part.

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