Bathroom Wall Mirror: More Useful Than You Think!

Bathroom wall mirror – Not accessory for a penny, the mirror invests the bathroom and sets the tone of its decoration. The pro of interior architecture have understood. And do not hesitate to choose original mirrors to sublimate this place in which we spend, for the most part, a lot of time… In its original version, round or square, the mirror is also practical. Or backlit to better admire, or tablet to put his beauty products.

Bath Wall Mirrors

From the vast living room to the bedroom, the noble materials combine with warm colors. Even in the bathroom. Installed as a duo, the round mirrors find their place on a gray tile that brings out the chocolate hue of the leather straps. As a reminder, the dark wood bathroom cabinet completes this elegant picture.

You can chose to modernize the decoration while retaining the authentic charm of this type of property. Successful bet, even in the bathroom where elements. As straight out of a flea market, mix with the parquet point of Hungary and a warm decor, blue and wood. This chic secondhand style is perfectly illustrated by the accumulation of square-shaped mirrors that multiply perspectives. The washbasin cabinet and the freestanding bathtub also plunge us a few years back

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