Bathtub Faucet Handles: Make The Right Choice!

In the bathroom, between the mixing valve, the mixer tap, the thermostatic or infrared faucet, it is not always easy to navigate. Here are some tips and tricks to make the right choice and to know clearly which faucet fits a shower, bath or sink. The mixer tap is the simplest and oldest model. It has two bathtub faucet handles, one to adjust the hot water, the other to adjust the cold water. Three types of bathroom faucets are commonly accepted. Discover how to make the right choice.

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The ideal temperature is achieved by combining the two. The mixer is suitable for small budgets with entry-level products only a few tens of euros. The mixer tap consists of a single lever that regulates the water temperature and its flow. Practical, it is handled with one hand. The thermostatic mixing valve is the evolution of the classic mixer.

The temperature of the water is adjusted instantly. One handle regulates the temperature and another the flow. This setting is maintained then, regardless of the pressures exerted by the other installations of the house. The thermostatic tap is also equipped with a safety catch, at 38 ° C, to avoid the risk of burns. Quickly set water, regulated flow without trial and error for savings.

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