Beads Bamboo Door Curtains

Bamboo door curtains may not offer a lot of privacy, but their design appeal may be striking. You can make your own bamboo curtain using bamboo stalks, bamboo beads or a combination of both. Make DIY bamboo curtains in a style that fits your wallet, available time and your room’s existing decor. DIY bamboo stalk curtains are much faster to do than DIY bamboo bead curtains, but bamboo bead curtains have a more fluid design.

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Bamboo Stalk Curtains

Select dried bamboo stalks with 1/2 inch to 1-1 / 2 inch diameter. The diameters need not be the same; Mix the dimensions of an eclectic curtain design. The stems should be at least one inch longer than the height of the opening where you plan to hang the curtain. Measure the height of the open space in the door or window from the curtain rail to the desired end of the bamboo curtain. Cut bamboo stalks to this length. Cut as many stems as you need to fill the width of the space from the desired fullness of the curtain.

Drill a 1/8-inch diameter hole straight through each cut bamboo stalk, 3/4 inch from one end. This end is the top of the curtain. Cut a 10-inch long string of fishing line for each bamboo stalk. Thread the rope halfway through the drilled holes. The ends of the line should be yet. Tie the fishing line around the curtain bar using a triple-hand knob. You can adjust the hanging length of each bamboo stalk with tightness on the knot. Tie each bamboo stalk to curtain bar. Cover each knot with liquid jewelers glue.

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