Beautiful Diy Nightstand Plans

Do you dream of a beautiful bedside table that doesn’t cost the world? Pick up your bedroom with a personal bedside table that you can make for a little money yourself. Here you get easy diy nightstand plans for inspiration! Show your skills as a handyman by planning and making your own bedside table. Drill holes in a solid piece of wood, rope through and tie tight knots. Hang the table up to the desired height on a curtain bar over your bed.

Black Diy Side Table

Easy bedside table of magazines and books: This bedside solution with magazines and books stacked on top of each other is easy to perform and at the same time inexpensive. In addition, it also looks super decorative. Narrow bench for small bedrooms: If you have room to move the bed a little out of the wall, you can also choose to add a narrow bench in natural material. Quickly you have plenty of room for books and plants next to the bed.

Bedside table with storeroom: Choose a bedside table with a minimalist look and maximum storage space. Use a sturdy storage box and fill it with your basic base. Give the box legs with, for example, books, bricks or something else solid.

12 Beautiful Diy Nightstand Plans Photos