Bedroom With A Beautiful Privacy Room Divider

Privacy room divider – If you are planning a larger renovation in your bedroom, then considering a combination of bathroom and bedroom is also worth considering. But do you just want a separate bathtub in your bedroom or do you want a little more than that? With a beautiful dividing wall you can separate bedroom and bathroom from each other and still have the same space. This is beautifully achieved in this photo!

Modern Divider In Bedroom

Especially the fireplace that is installed in the partition gives so much atmosphere … Imagine that you enjoy your fire in the bath and afterwards you just have to walk a few steps to your bed … Do you have a reasonably high bedroom or do you live in a studio? Then think about an alternative room divider in your ‘bedroom’! And we do not mean a normal wall, but in this case an increase.

Because it is precisely by installing different layers in a bedroom that you can also make the space a lot more fun and dynamic. A mezzanine creates a small increase, while a mezzanine can actually add an extra floor to the room. Both are very suitable for placing your bed. Do you need some extra advice in this area? Then just ask an interior designer!

24 Bedroom With A Beautiful Privacy Room Divider Photos