Best Outdoor Room Divider Design

Outdoor room divider – You can make a beautiful divider panel with nothing more than the old doors and some items from the local hardware store. Made from recycled materials, this do it yourself divider will make an attractive and environmentally friendly addition to any room in your home. Measure the top panel of each door, with a tape measure. Cut three pieces of mirror with glass cutters. Cut a piece to match each of the panels. Be very careful when cutting glass.

Indoor Outdoor Room Dividers

Sand the back of each mirror with coarse-grained sandpaper to expose the silver below the protective surface. Wipe off excess powder from the back of the mirror with a soft cloth. Pour the nitric acid into a spray bottle. Lightly spray the nitric acid on the back of each mirror. Allow the acid to sit on the mirrors for at least 10 minutes before cleaning it with a soft cloth moistened in water.

Sand the doors with a coarse-grained sandpaper to soften the rough surfaces and expose the previous layers of paint. Paint a layer of crackle paint on each door to exaggerate the old look of the divider. For a more subtle look, try using a colored glaze instead of crackle paint. Place the mirrors on the door panels with high-strength glue. Reinforce it with clear putty around the edges of the mirrors. Allow the glue and putty to dry for at least six hours before standing the doors upright.

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