Best Subway Tile Bathroom Ideas

The subway tile bathroom ideas are a building material used to finish vertical surfaces, such as walls and showers. It was originally used in the New York subway during the early 20th century, and this is where this product has been named. These plates are usually longer than they are high, giving them a distinct look. Whether you are trying to recreate a historic look or want to develop your own unique style, there are many ways to use these tiles to complement your home decor.

Modern Subway Tile Shower


One of the newest ideas for using the subway tile in the home is to install it instead of traditional wood paneling. By creating paneling of the subway tiles, you can add a modern look to your bathroom or corridors without over boarding. The absorbent can cover the lower half of the wall, while paint can be used on the upper half. Another interesting option is to use plain wood paneling or paneling on the underside of the wall, with the subway tile along the top half instead of color.

Tiled bathroom walls

Subway tiles are quite large, although they have narrow joints that make them easy to clean. Consider installing them on bathroom walls as an alternative to square ceramic tiles. You can use the traditional gingerbread pattern or stack the subway tiles in columns to add a modern twist to this classic material. If the wall looks for uniform, add a line of mosaic or ceramic tiles at the height of the center to break up the surface or add color. The subway tiles can also be used in a shower to cover the walls.

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