Build Bike Rack For Garage DIY Ideas

Bike Rack for Garage – Whether you are a cycling enthusiast, amateur or professional cyclist, or simply have a bicycle for everyone in the family. Then you know how difficult it is to find enough storage space for all your bikes. Building a bicycle storage stand against a wall in the garage or spare room can alleviate your frustrations. The easiest and fastest way to build a storage stand is by using a pair of bicycle hooks with a hook track.

Home Depot Bike Rack

Choose a suitable place to place your bike rack. Use a stud locator to mark the studs on the wall. This is where you will have to screw your track channels into the wall. Using a tape measure, measure 43 inches from the floor to one of your studs marked on the wall. Using the level mark where the top of the channel of the track should be in each of the blocks marked from the first mark has.

Keep a section of the track channel up to the wall and align the top of the track with its marks. You may need an extra pair of hands for this part and you can also check to make sure the track is level. Once the track channel is properly connected to the wall, mount the bike hook to the track. Defend your bike against the wall and hook the front wheel on the bike hook.

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