Build Garden Tool Rack Your Own

Garden Tool Rack – A garden tool shelf in your garage or storage building will help you organize your national area and lawn. It is frustrating to be unable to locate a tool when you need it, and the lack of organization can result in tools being lost or left out to rust. Tools such as rakes, shovels, and cultivators can be dangerous if you step on or trip over them. It is quite simple to build a shelf that will keep your tools organized and in good working order.

Heavy Duty Garden Tool Rack

Drill a hole near the top of large garden tools, such as shovels or racks. Cut a 12-inch piece of sisal or jute rope, thread it through the hole in one of the tools, and tie a knot in both ends. This will form a loop so that you can hang the tool from the ground, garage construction or storage. Repeat this procedure for all the great garden tools.

Twist some sturdy screw hooks into the wall of your garage or storage building for your tools. Hang the large tools on these hooks. Nail large, clean cans on the wall of your storage area. Use cans to keep smaller garden tools, such as growers, garden claws, gloves or gardening scissors.

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