Build Your Own DIY Sofa Table

DIY Sofa Table – Sofa tables are an elegant and functional addition to any living space. The piece gives living rooms a more polished look. While providing additional storage and surface. Traditionally, sofas tables are proportional to the size of your sofa, are placed behind or next to a sofa. And, it can be expensive, depending on the size. Do it yourself sofa tables are a more economical and customizable solution. Create using wood and lumber, this rectangular table sofa can be paint and customized for decoration.

Industrial Sofa Table DIY

Measure the height of your sofa using a tape measure and plot the dimensions of your sofa table accordingly. Purchase wood and glass at your local home improvement store. And have them cut to fit the size of the table surface, 48 by 18 inches. Purchase six of 2 by 2 inches pieces of wood cut to 33 inches tall. These will work as the legs of the table. Place your wooden top face on the floor and mark the edges and corners. Where the legs are joined with a pencil.

Apply a tablespoon of wood glue in the marked space below. Press the legs into the glue, side down two by two inches down, and secure with the L-set screws and wood. Sand, prime and paint or dye the legs and sides of your sofa table the color of your choice and let it dry. Flip the board up your legs and repeat the sanding, priming, and painting. Place the glass on top of the sofa table and secure it. Cut a strip of felt two by two inches and attach to the bottom of each leg of the table.

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