Build Your Own Garage Bike Rack

Garage Bike Rack – Although they are healthy, environmentally friendly and relatively easy to use. Bicycles can be difficult to store safely, especially in areas where space is limited. If you walk a bicycle on the floor or mount it on the wall when it is not in use it is not a possibility. Knowing how to make a roof bike carrier could help you store your bicycle safely without cutting in the otherwise limited space.

Monkey Bars Bike Rack

Measure the bicycle, using a tape measure. Note the distance from the midpoint on the handlebar at the back of the seat. Measure this distance on a roof beam and mark the distance of the beam, using the chalk. Alternatively, if the bike should be stored perpendicular to the roof beams. Cut a 2-inch by 4-inch piece of wood to the length you observed and nail it to the roof beams.

Fasten one pulley to each end of the chalk mark on the roof beam, or to each end of the piece 2 inches by 4 inches of wood. Place the pulleys, using 2-inch screws and the screwdriver, unless the pulleys with alternative screws or accessories, in which case they should be used instead. Support the ladder to reach the roof easier and safer. Pass the rope through both pulleys. Follow the instructions provided with the pulleys in the best way to use them with the rope. Attach the rope hook assemblies so that bicycles can be hooked to it. Mount the clamp hook to the wall, with 2 inches more screws. Fasten the rope to the cleat hook.

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