Building Garage Layout Ideas

Garage layout ideas – A neatly organized garage starts with sufficient shelves. Without this space, it may be tempting to throw household items and farm tools on the floor surface. Well-planned shelves will make a huge difference in making stored items easier to find for immediate use. It is also important that group-specific stored objects in bathtubs or compartments so that these containers can be labeled. Create labels for pods and drawers on the shelves that are clear so that the system works well over time.

Modern Garage Layout Ideas


Measure the garage layout ideas needed to store one or more cars. Define this space on a sketch block and draw wall shelves on the back and side walls of the garage. Create sketches that will later be transferred to routed paper. Take into account the room needed for pedestrian traffic to access a strike door or entrance door to the house. Drawing plans for shelves should be located about 24 inches apart. Design the distance around special containers, but to maximize each square inch. Allow about 2 inches of space between the top of a plastic container and the shelf above.

Use elongated metal straps that hold metal shelf brackets to vary the distance between rows from floor to ceiling shelves. Install metal strips vertically in wall joists with metal screws. Measure the distance for two or more brackets to support each horizontal shelf, and snap these brackets into place. Install finished boards, like over the brackets, which are not less than 12 inches wide to form actual shelves. Building garage layout ideas to keep extremely heavy items from 8-inch square insert material. Construct shelves material from half-inch plywood attached in place to the item material. Use double the thickness of the plywood, if desired.

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