Building Outdoor Towel Rack

Outdoor towel rack – In the summer when you are in and out of a pool, it can be difficult to keep a dry towel on hand every time you come out, ready to wipe off. If your towel on the ground can help keep it dry, but it won’t keep it clean. One alternative is to build a portable towel rack for your pool area that will help your towel dry between uses.

Pipe Outdoor Towel Rack


Cut four pieces of one and half inch PVC tubes 24 inches long. Insert the tube into the coupling. Outdoor towel rack will be the legs. A 90-degree corner is glued to the beginning of each leg so that the corner and cross-section of the three-way connection face in the same direction. Set these legs aside.

Cut 16 pieces of PVC tube 6 inches long. Place a four-way switch flat on the work table. Glue a 6 inch tube into three of the four openings. Glue the last tube into the fourth opening at one end and a new four way connector at the other end. The contacts should be flat on the table. Place your upper and lower tubes into the other four-way connector. Glue your fourth tube to the connector in place and glue the other end to the next four-way connector. You should end with five four-way connectors all connected in a line of tube rays on each side. Outdoor towel rack will be the top bar.

12 Building Outdoor Towel Rack Photos