Building Pallet Coat Rack

Pallet coat rack is a great way to free up storage space in your cabinet and display your cooking utensils. Pot racks come in many sizes, shapes and styles, and can give any kitchen restaurant style. But as restaurant-quality appliances, pot racks can be expensive. Save money while adding storage space and personality to your kitchen by making your own rack from items you might already.

Hall Pallet Coat Rack


Locate the sliders with a rule detector in the area where you want to hang your pallet coat rack and measure the distance between them. Cut and thread the tube so that it is 2 inches smaller than the distance between the studs. If you do not have pipe-cutting tools, the pipe has cut into the store where you bought them. Decide if you want the finished rack to extend from the wall 4 or 6 inches.  Screw the tube, elbows and nipples to form a bar similar to the towel bar you would use in a bathroom.

Select the wall to show where to drill. Hold a flange to the stud so that two of the flange s screw holes are above the center of the pin and mark their position with a pencil. Screw the pallet coat rack into the wall. Use a level to be sure it’s straight. Purchase or find a wooden “rigid” ladder, the type that leans against the wall. Find older, weathered ladders on flea markets, yard sales or even your own garage. Place the ladder over a workbench or other flat surface. Measure each side of the ladder and draw a line on each where you want to cut. Use a hand saw and span the rows. Be sure to include three sticks in a piece of ladder that remain.

12 Building Pallet Coat Rack Photos