Choose A Rustic Bathroom Lighting

What are the best rustic bathroom lighting systems? The best solution is undoubtedly that of the wall lights to be chosen in the wooden or wrought iron version. Attention in both cases to not falling into the country style, you should always try to opt for the simplest. And most linear solutions leaving aside excessive decorations, flowers, leaves or similar.

Farmhouse Bathroom Lighting Brushed Nickel

A rectangular, square, bubble applique, a simple lantern or even a thin support that leaves the bulb completely uncovered. These are the best solutions for a rustic bathroom. There are some special types of bathroom wall lights that can be attached directly to the mirror frame and mirrors that already have them. These are undoubtedly the best solutions for those who want to be able to gaze at the best possible way.

And the chandeliers rustic lighting ideas? We must admit that in a bathroom the chandelier is rather useless because it cannot direct the light towards the mirror. But it is also true that it does a lot of furniture and then we can choose one more by scene than by utility. We can opt for a pendant lamp made of bronze chain that goes down to the floor and with a simple frosted glass or ceramic bubble. The rustic effect is definitely guaranteed.

12 Choose A Rustic Bathroom Lighting Photos