Classic Yet Still Exists: Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors – Here, it is about the sliding system. Here you will find all the features of this system, and everything you need to know to make your project a success. What is sliding garage doors? This may be the most classic system. The sliding door does not overflow on the outside. Its operation is very simple to understand. It is a door that slides on a rail, often metal, to open or close. It can open laterally: the door runs along the wall (saving space).

Barn Sliding Garage Doors

But it can also open vertically: the door slides in height. It is therefore an ideal door if you have a small garage, or if your garage has plenty of storage on the sides. Sliding door exists in several materials: wood or PVC. The first has the advantage of being very aesthetic, while the second is better weatherproof.

Sliding garage doors help prevent overflowing onto the outside, which can be found with swing doors for example. The door is also very insulating, and has a great capacity for resistance. It is therefore suitable for many types of homes. An advantage to take into account is the ease of installation: the sliding doors are very simple to install.

12 Classic Yet Still Exists: Sliding Garage Doors Photos