Considerations For The Baby Bathtub Ring

The baby bathtub ring is used to hold the baby in the bathtub. However, these products pose risks for children. Its use has been related to serious accidents and drowning. In some cases the parents believed that the seat would be a secure hold while they were absent, but it must be stressed that such seats should not be used in this way even for a moment.

Baby Bath Seat Ring

Many toilet seats have a three- or four-leg base, with suckers that stick to the bathtub. But the suction cups can separate unexpectedly, making the seat and the child overturn. In addition, the baby can squeeze through the leg hole and get trapped under the ring or submerged in the water. Parents usually fill the bathtub more when they use a seat, since the baby is higher, when sitting on the appliance. In some unfortunate case, the father or caregiver leaves for an instant to open the door or answer the phone and the baby slips or is trapped in the seat, drowned.

The purchase or use of seats and bath rings is not recommended. If you decide to buy, it is important that you have the following safety features. Safety depends not only on the design but also on the caregivers. The risk of drowning cannot be resolved by a standard. Make sure that the caregiver in charge of bathing the child is aware that he / she must be in constant contact with the child, when bath seats are used.

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