Cozy Atmosphere Industrial Bathroom Lighting

How to choose and install your industrial bathroom lighting? We tell you everything! The bathroom is considered the place of relaxation and relaxation par excellence. So we tend to want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere with soft lighting. We often forget that the bathroom is also the place where we prepare in the morning and where, therefore, we need precision and natural light to avoid shaving and makeup sessions missed.

Diy Industrial Bathroom Lighting

So that your bathroom remains a practical room without forgetting to be also a space relaxation, it is enough to dose well: one avoids the too hot lights as too cold. You are mistaken if you think that the surface of your bathroom does not affect the choice of lighting. Small and large bathrooms do not have the same needs. This is THE area to focus on if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises when you shave or apply makeup.

In a small bathroom, it is necessary above all to be practical. So we go to the essential by installing a global light and a second light source more specific. In a large bathroom, we will multiply the light sources and, because we have enough space, we will be able to play on different types of lighting: sconces, spotlights, suspensions…

12 Cozy Atmosphere Industrial Bathroom Lighting Photos