Create DIY Clothes Rack With PVC

DIY Clothes Rack – Closet space is a scarce commodity in many homes. In your own home, it can often appear that you have more clothes to hang from the closet space available for hanging them. If this is the case, one solution might be to build your own clothes rack. The PVC pipe is an ideal material for this. As it is lightweight, strong and able to fit in many different configurations. Making your own clothes rack will provide a much-needed solution to the lack of closet space.

DIY Organization Ideas For Small Spaces

Place an “L” bracket on each end of one of the 36-inch pieces of PVC pipe. Insert a 36-inch piece of PVC pipe into each of the open spaces of the “L” brackets. Attach the two four-way connectors to the bottom of each of the side pieces. Once connected, there must be two open spaces in each of the connectors pointing to each other, and two open spaces in the opposite direction to the unit perpendicularly.

Insert the last 36-inch piece of PVC pipe into the open spaces of the four connector tracks pointing toward each other at the bottom of the frame. Place the 12-inch pieces of PVC in the four remaining openings in the two, four-way connectors on the bottom of the frame. These are the legs of the grid, and they must be located perpendicular to the frame. Place the four “L” brackets on the ends of the 12-inch pieces (the legs). Make sure that the open ends of the supports are pointing away from the structure. These are the feet for the clothes rack.

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