Create Unique Character With Modern Wall Mirror

Some modern wall mirror in this selection are original in design or form, while others are distinguished by their misuse. You will understand, the original mirror brings a unique character to your interior. And adds to the primary functionality of this object a personal touch. Whatever the style of your home, opting for an original mirror is a great way to revamp your walls. And give a unique look to your rooms. We invite you to discover below original mirrors for all styles and budgets!

Art Deco Wall Mirror Modern

A beautiful effect for this mirror that plays with the shapes to create an original decorative object and functional at a time. A destructured effect for this original mirror that displays a truly unique shape. The different faces of the mirrors are arrange like prisms, for a very trendy decorative object.

A mixture of circles and squares for this off-the-wall mirror. We also like its “chic” look and it’s pretty, elegant golden touches. A beautiful design to revive the walls of the bedroom, the bathroom or even the living room. A unique shape for this original design that will bring a contemporary and quirky look to your walls, whatever the room where you decide to install it! You can hang it on the wall, of course, but also choose to simply put it on a piece of furniture, vertically or horizontally, you choose!

12 Create Unique Character With Modern Wall Mirror Photos