Decorate Ideas For Accent Wall Bedroom

Accent wall bedroom revives a room, which gives an eye-catching look. It is a perfect way to include a bold color or color effect in a space without overwhelming the room. An accent wall can also be used to mark a focal point of function or architectural elements, or to provide a background for a collection that you want to display.

Linen Adjacent Accent Walls

Wall Selection

A wall that has an architectural element, such as a fireplace or built-in shelves, is an ideal wall for an accent wall bedroom. The largest wall in a room or wall first seen in a room is another candidate for an accent wall. Another candidate is a wall that has a central part of furniture, such as a bed or sofa, or, as mentioned earlier, a collection. An accent wall can feature a color of color. For example, while hot pink may be too bright to use in an entire room, but show it on an accent wall, a brilliant pop of color adds to the space and immediately draws the eye on the wall. Alternatively accent the wall painted with a mural or have a special painting technique such as sponge paint or glass.

Remaining Walls

While they are not part of the accent wall, the room’s remaining walls add to the visual interest accent the wall and the room as a whole. Neutral or muted colors are suitable for space remaining walls. White, eggshell or a lighter shade of color you have on the accent wall are all ideal options to use on the rest of the walls of the room. Avoid using a color that competes with the accent wall color or its painting technique because it will degrade the accent wall appearance.

12 Decorate Ideas For Accent Wall Bedroom Photos