Decorate Living Room With Leather Sectional Sofa

When decorating a living room with a large leather sectional sofa, you will have to find a way to compensate for the dark aspect of the section. To do this, you can use colors and lighter shades to balance the heavy color of your section. However, if you are following a specific design or theme, you need to carefully choose your decorations so that it does not deviate from its original design.

Small Sectional Sofa

Paint the walls of your living room a light color to balance the dark color of your brown leather section. Choose furniture that uses light fabrics to create a positive contrast with the brown section. However, you still want new furniture to complement the brown section. For example, a chair that uses lightweight cloth with dark brown legs would be a perfect choice. Add another piece of furniture leather to complement its brown section. This could be a stool or a thin leather chair.

Place the cushion drawings on the leather sofa to give flavor to the sectional and complete the look of your room. You can also add a spongy, lightly patterned carpet if desired. Use light-colored or cream-colored curtains that complement the brown leather sofa. Install a dyed wood entertainment center to match your brown leather section. The other items in your living room should compensate for the brown color, but these two items go well together due to their size and proximity to each other.

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