Decorate With White Living Room Curtains

Decorating your white living room curtains gives you free play on the rest of your decor choice. Tie white curtains into your design, if you want to improve curtains or make them stick out or blend into the rest of the living room. Using a neutral color gamut for large pieces in the room, such as color and furniture, you can get creative with colorful accessories that can be easily changed to reflect season or mood.

Simple White Blackout Curtains


Color or wallpaper on the walls. Use plain white if you want the modern white curtains to blend into the background. A light, neutral shade, such as cream, blue-gray or light beige, can work with the white curtains to create a soothing, neutral palette. A lighter or darker shade, such as yellow, blue, green or red, can contrast with the white curtains. This looks especially nice with white knots. Alternatively, you can use patterned wallpaper that has something white in it. Take white furniture to play out the white curtains or other colors for contrast.

Use patterns with some whites in them or white accessories if you choose colored furniture. Paint wooden tables white if you want dark sofas and chairs to balance the bright and dark colors of the room. Tie your color scheme with a rug. A white carpet works if the living room curtains are the only other white thing in the room. Bet on a patterned rug that draws all the colors in the room together, if so. Hang mirrors, artwork, pictures or wall sculptures on the walls to break up large, empty white walls. White picture frames will stand out against light or dark walls and tie the white curtains in wall decor.

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