Decorating A Mirror Wall Art

Mirror wall art aka mirror hanging is a mirror that is affix to the wall while a mirror is a mount. Or a mirror to another floor is a mirror that stands upright on the floor. The mirror is one of the home decorations that almost certainly always exist. Various reasons underlie the use of mirrors as accessories, ranging from reason as a decoration element to the reason for certain ‘beliefs’ of the homeowner. Simple mirrors were first made in Turkey around 6000 years ago.

Mirror Wall Hanging Clips

Mirror wall art luxury was first made in Venice and after that, it developed into France. At that time the price of the mirror was very expensive, so the mirror became a status symbol for the owner. The mirror is not only for reflection but also as the main decoration element of the noble castle, as we can see in the Mirror Hall at Versailles.

Things that have never changed from the past until now are the main function of the mirror which of course is to reflect, respect ourselves. But nowadays, mirrors also have a secondary function, namely decorative mirrors as decoration elements. Lots of models mirror wall art with various shapes, sizes, and colors. In terms of placement, mirrors can be divided into 2 types, wall mirrors (hanging mirrors) and floor mirrors.

12 Decorating A Mirror Wall Art Photos