Decorating Ideas IKEA Wall Mirror

KEA Wall mirrors can be hung in almost any space in the house. Although functional, wall mirrors are usually frameless and unadorned in any way. Thrifty interior decorators can customize a wall mirror for decoration with everyday objects. By attaching elements with glue or hot hook and loop tape. To design one of a kind mirror ornaments that speaks of the personality of homeowners, style and thrifty nature. Border a wall mirror with elements that adhere along the edge. Or bring the items in a few inches from the outer edge of a modern and artistic look.

Perfect IKEA Wall Mirror Ideas

Hot glue covered with a wall mirror to hang on or near the kitchen. Attach spoons or forks to a mirror in a linear pattern, three pieces deep around the edge of the mirror. Glue hot old master keys to a wall mirror in a hallway. Attach each key at an angle to create a geometric pattern along the edge of the mirror.

Use the double-sided hook and loop tape to attach clean plastic combs and old curling irons and hair dryers to a wall mirror to decorate a bathroom. Use a weight-tested tape hook and loop to hang the larger items in the corners of the mirror and then connect the cable, using hot glue dots, in a decorative manner, along the mirror to edge the edges. Decorate a wall mirror in a living room or den with old remote controls. Place the discarded remote controls to the mirror with hook and loop of self-adhesive tape in a linear pattern to form a screen along the edge of the mirror.

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