Decorative Sliding Room Divider For Zoning Space In A Room

Sliding room divider – divide the living space into zones, especially in small apartments. It is not necessary to build empty walls. Mobile interior dividers or decorative partitions for zoning space in a room made of translucent material will simultaneously divide. And unite the rooms without disturbing the natural sun’s rays. An air separation of 160 cm wide, which visually separates the kitchen / dining room from the living room, is made of horizontal wooden slats cover with dark brown spots.

3 Panel Sliding Doors Wood

A floor-to-ceiling showcase of 10 cm thick tempered glass separates the partitions zone in the hallway from the living room. Inside the transparent parallelepiped, an art object is place on a public display. A fragment of a tree with a beautiful shape. The central composition with a biofire place not only serves as decoration for all zones. But also marks the boundaries between adjacent “clusters”.

In this case the studio is zone by means of a transparent decorative partition. The length corresponds exactly to the size of the couch in the living room. Sandblasted abstract patterns apply to the glass construction created by the sketches of the architect. They are inspire by the images of wind and waves and the patterns are different on each of the three panels.

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