Design Of Bathroom Sinks For Small Spaces

Bathroom sinks for small spaces can be installed wherever it fits and wherever it leaves more space for cleaning and washing. Because some bathrooms are very small and have limited space, installing the sink in the corner is always an option. Even if the sink is not designed to be installed in a corner, there is always a way to fit it.

Pedestal Vanities Space Designs Master Bathroom

The installation of a pedestal sink in the corner of the bathroom is very simple. The pedestal is simply fit into the corner space, with the sides of the sink flush with the walls and the base of the pedestal set some inches from the walls in the center of the sink. Wall-mounted sumps will be mounted directly on a wall in the corner, with one side cast against the connecting wall in the corner. After installing a sink in this manner, you can plug both edges to prevent water damage to the wall.

Plumbing a corner sink is quite simple too; however, a lot of new pipe installations may be necessary in some cases. In general terms, the new power lines must be connected to the faucet near the sink, and a new drainage line must be installed. If the bathroom is plumbed for a mounting center sink, installing the longer supply tubes will extend the supply lines to the corner. A length of drain pipe from the drain outlet line of the house is directed towards the corner to connect to the p-trap. Apart from the extension of these two lines, without any other change of plumbing are necessary.

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