Did You See The Ideal Outdoor Curtains?

Outdoor curtains are mainly intended to prevent wind and drafts in your patio roof. In addition to this functionality, outdoor curtains also increase the atmosphere in a roof. Because a veranda is increasingly seen as an extension of the interior to the outdoors, the sliding exterior curtains are an ideal solution against wind, rain, sun and glare. By mounting an outside curtain under a certain side of a roof, you can decide when and how far you slide or slide the curtain.

Classic Striped Outdoor Curtains

The innovative sliding system of the exterior curtain is simple and easy to install in your roof. You want to be able to flexibly close a certain side of your roof when necessary. Then the new sliding outside curtain is the solution to mount in or on the veranda. You can choose between a fitting in the day size or on the day size.

The difference lies in the fact that when you mount the outside curtain in the opening a gap remains open and when the outside curtain is mounted on the clear size the curtain will close all the way up. You can drape the curtains from the top of the grid on the floor for full coverage. You can also drape curtains overhead to create a false roof with white or another solid colored curtain drape.

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