Different Looks With Hanging Room Divider

Hanging room divider – It is of course also possible to hang it on the wall as a Painting XXL. For example is a folding room elephant 2 meters wide (5 panels 40 cm wide) as wall decoration. Due to stability, a folding screen is always arranged in a zigzag. But if you hang it up you can use the full width of the screen. This makes it a great eye-catcher and almost wall-filling! At home you surprise friends, family and other guests.

Hanging Room Divider Australia

You surprise customers and business relations at the store. To fill an empty space, such as the window of a temporary pop-up store or as an eye-catcher in your hair salon. There are various blank screens available for editing. You can create your own text, drawing or logo on it.

Within no time the screen can be made up completely according to your own wishes. Do you want to use the folding screen in different rooms? In that case, we recommend that you coordinate the various sides with the spaces. This way you can create different looks for, for example, the office and meeting room. The screen can easily be used as an advertising tool at a trade show or in the workplace.

24 Different Looks With Hanging Room Divider Photos