DIY Ideas Of Mid Century Modern Bookcase

Mid Century Modern Bookcase – Modern mid-century design is recognize for its clean lines and interesting combinations of materials. Working on the principle of design “is more, less” designers of mid-century visual interest created by combining metal and wood materials. A quick trip to a home improvement store will provide you with all the materials you need to create a mid-century modern bookshelf. Combine a shelving wall unit with shelving to create a beautiful, functional piece.

Mid Century Modern Bookcase Bed

Use a stud locator to locate the wood studs on the roof. Mark the studs in the area you want the shelf unit to be on the ceiling with a pencil. Cut the 3/4 inch plywood into four planks. Each plank should measure 10 inches wide by 4 feet long. Take two of the floor flanges and place them on the floor spaced 4 feet apart and directly below the roof studs they have been marked in step 1. Theme plus two-floor flanges on top of the tubes so each flat piece bottoms up.

Add two additional tabs on the top of the board. Screw the final layer of flanges in the areas marked on the roof. Use the studies finder to locate the bolt on the wall on the left side of the shelving unit. Hoist a wooden box to one of the marked areas on the wall. Create screen, in shelving box next to the other shelf unit. They are by spacing the wooden crates along the wall every 2 feet.


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