DIY Paint Ideas For Bike Storage Shed

Bike Storage Shed – A bicycle shelter is a form of outdoor shelter built to protect bicycles from the elements. Most bicycle shelters consist of metal, wood or a combination of both. A typical motorcycle shelter has two side walls and a sloping roof. Painting a bicycle parking lot keeps it festive, encouraging cyclists to use it. The interior and exterior of the deck should be white, to keep the bikes cool in summer. The sides and the fit of the bike shed can be any color you like.

Suncast Bike Shed

Rub 100 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper around the inside and outside of the bicycle shelter, where you will apply the paint. Use a bench to help you reach all surfaces. This type of sandpaper is suitable for metal and wood and will help to open the pores of these materials to better receive the paint. The dust inside and outside the ship with a rag. Using a paint roller and pan, apply the oil-based primer for the entire shed, inside and out. Allow the primer to dry completely.

Again using a paint roller and tray, apply white paint to the top and bottom of the bicycle shed roof. Let it dry, then apply a second coat. Paint the inside and outside of the sides of the shed with a second color. Let it dry and add a second layer. Walk around the bicycle shelter looking at corners or other areas that you can use in more painting here and there. Use a nylon brush to touch up the areas that need it.

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