DIY Panel For Soundproof Room Divider

The soundproof room divider serves as mobile and convenient tools for the security division of large rooms and other spaces. Those with large houses full of large, spacious rooms can, like them, delimit rest areas or separate recreational spaces from more formal areas. Maybe some like them simply to divide large dormitories shared by several siblings or to provide a sound barrier between an open kitchen or laundry room and the living room.

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Place the side of the door by side on a flat, clean surface. Measure the sides of each door and divide by the number 3, making two marks at intervals that match the resulting number. For example, if the sides of the doors measure 72 inches, make marks every 24 inches. Line the floors of the two hinges with the markings on the left and center doors, making sure that one side of each hinge is on each door. Screw one side of each hinge down first, then the other.

Flip the left and center doors over so that the hinges of stage 2 are under the doors. Slide the door right next to the current center door (before it was the left door) and screw the hinges on these two doors as you did in step 2. This allows you to fold the screen like an accordion to store it. Stand the doors higher, flexing the left door back and forth to the right door so your new screen stands up steadily.

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