DIY Reformation Of Wall Mirror Jewellery Cabinet

Wall Mirror Jewellery Cabinet – A jewelry locker offers a comfortable clean place to store all your jewelry items. If you have limited space or just do not want to spend the money to buy an independent jewelry closet, which can be expensive, you can create a custom jewelry closet by converting an existing wardrobe to hold all kinds of knickknacks.

Wall Jewelry Cabinet With Mirror

Empty the bottom cabinet, taking care to remove all dust and debris. Determine where it will be most convenient for you to place each type of item in the jewelry closet. Place a mirror inside the cabinet door for easy viewing and well-lit. Follow the instructions in the mirror packaging instructions to fasten correctly and evenly. Place the hooks on both sides along the inside of the cabinet, near the top. If your cabinet is high enough, you may be able to place a second row of hooks 8 to 12 inches below the first series.

Place a hook on each side of the back wall of your closet. String or a cutting tape so that it is several inches longer than the distance between the two hooks. Place the trays (or divisions) for the rings and earrings in the bottom of the cabinet. If you are using plastic trays, such as ice cube trays or egg cartons, you can add as many as you like and stack them as high as you want.

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