DIY Room Divider Curtain Design Ideas

The DIY room divider curtain is a great way to add the privacy of a large space. Divide a study into a bedroom and office area or separate a large room into two smaller rooms for children. A few ways to divide a room without professional help are to install a moving wall, put a curtain or strategically place a divider screen.

Diy Hanging Curtain Room Divider

Mark where you want the curtain on the wall. Use the pattern to mark equal distances from an opposite wall, so that the curtain will be parallel to the side walls and not diagonally across the room. Install a curtain hook on the opposite walls, where the curtain will lock. The height at which the hooks are installed will depend on the height of the curtain. If the barrier is as high as the wall, place the hook directly under the roof. If the height of the curtain is shorter, move the hooks slightly downwards to adjust.

Make a loop at the end of the plastic coated cable and place it on the hook. Pass the cable through the top of the curtain or the hooks of the curtain. You can use either a curtain with hooks or a curtain with a space for a bar. Both styles work with this type of wall divider. Pull the cable towards the other hook. Make another loop on the end of the cable and place it on the second hook. The curtain divides the room.

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