DIY Shoe Rack Of Movable Designs

DIY Shoe Rack – A well-constructed shoe rack is a valuable item for any organized closet space. If you have three pairs of shoes or 30, these accessories have a tendency to get ripped in uncomfortable or lost places under beds and other furniture. Furthermore, a shoe rack provides an excellent area for the collection and classification of your shoes. Making the movable shoe shelf will not only allow easy rearrangement. But it will also allow you to slide the shelf out for a better look to your collection if your wardrobe is particularly dark or shrunken.

Plywood Shoe Rack Plans

Draw the shape and size of your shoe shelf on a piece of paper with a pencil. Measure your shoes to determine how much space is needed in each one for proper storage. Cut the plywood to the shape and size needed for your project. Glue paste the pieces along the joints with wood. Hold the shelf together with spring clamps on all the joints while drying the wood glue.

Use a hammer and finish the nails to secure the joints of the platform. Turn the tray upside down. Place the cabinet wheels on the bottom of the platform with a wheel at each corner. Fix the wheels on the bottom of the shelf with screws and a screwdriver.

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