Door Shoe Rack, Practical And Stylish!

Door shoe rack – We were tired of having too many shoes in the hallway, which were always booming. We needed a shoe cabinet with room for storing many shoes and where the shoes are hidden away. When we dazzled a door, we left the door and just shut off on one side. In the small room behind the door we now store shoes. We have set up logs between the door frames from top to bottom in the small “cupboard” .

Back Door Shoe Shelves

Still in this spirit recovery, there is of course the very trendy recovery palette, with which we can create all kinds of furniture deco . Here it is in shoe storage version. It’s simple, practical and stylish. You will find it easily on the markets or in the commercial and industrial zones (in the car parks or behind the shops). You can choose to leave it rough or paint it to blend it into the decor.

We chose to arrange the hallway with some simple shoe racks with door. To create a calm atmosphere we have kept almost all colors in white, black and brass. What do you think about the outcome? What would you focus on when decorating a small hallway?

12 Door Shoe Rack, Practical And Stylish! Photos