Easy Ideas Of DIY Garage Cabinets

DIY Garage Cabinets – If you have a garage, you may be fighting an ongoing battle with the mess. Organize your things by building cabinets in your garage. You can build plywood garage storage cabinets using basic carpentry tools. And the beauty of building your own garage lockers is that you can customize them to suit your tools and equipment.

IKEA Cabinet Hack

Decide if the cabinet is going to settle on the floor or attach to the wall. Keep in mind that the tools are heavy. It is necessary to allow adequate support for the cabinet, as well as the shelves. Measure the height of the tools you will store in the closet so you can allow ample space for the shelves. Determine where you want to put the garage cabinet. Mark the floor with painter’s tape and then drive your car into the garage to make sure you have ample space to park, as well as the doors open.

Select the wood you need. Remember that your garage storage cabinet may be holding extra heavy items, so purchase thicker wood or suitable supports. Buy wood scraps to allow mistakes. Buy the screws and other fasteners you need to assemble your garage cabinet. Cut the pieces according to your plans. Build cabinets for your garage in the same way to build any other piece of wood furniture. Attach the cabinet to the wall. Fix it to the wall studs. Put the hinges on the doors. Place the doors on the front face of the cabinet.

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