Enjoy The Corners Of Wooden Bookcase

Wooden bookcases are versatile furniture that can be used to help you create the look you want in your living room or bedroom. Whether you have a new wooden bookcase that you want to decorate. Or you have an older bookshelf that requires a lot of work, use decorative details that will help you make the most of these useful furniture.

Bookcase Wooden Ladder

Painful a wooden shelf gives it a comfortable worn look. Apply a layer of flat paint to the shelves and then rub a layer of paste wax to the shelves. Apply a layer of wood glaze to the paste wax and allow to dry overnight. Uses 100 sandpaper grains to enjoy the corners of the bookcase and to wear off spots of color. In order to preserve the distressed tree afterwards, apply a layer of protective sealant.

Baskets allow you to use your wooden bookcases to keep items that otherwise make them look messy. For example, if you have a wooden shelf near the television, use a basket set on the bookshelf to keep remote controls and video game controllers. You can also use the baskets to keep items that are not used every day, like light and incense. Check our gallery to inspire you!

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