Equipment Inside The Garden Shed Plans

Garden Shed Plans – Each gardener accumulates tools and paraphernalia in the pursuit of his hobby. Moreover, from hand tools to garden machinery. Space is needed to store bags of soil, pots, and containers in which to plant. You may even need to store the lawnmower. A garden shed is a solution and, armed with a good set of pre-cut plans and wood, you can finish this job in a day. Not only will you be able to store everything you need for your garden. But, you will also have a place for pot plants and start seedlings for the next season.

Shed Plans 8×12

Installation of tables and storage in your shed. While you could build your own table for pots, many home centers sell at low cost. A good potting table will have a storage platform below it for pots and soil. Installation of cardboard sheet to the walls of your shed with nails or screws. Use hangers in the holes in the cardboard sheet to store tools such as a hoe, a rake and hand tools. Use a large recipe box to store the seed packets and arrange by type: annual, perennial, flower, vegetable, fruit. Other plastic containers can be used to organize plant markers, markers, and plant stakes.

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