Fascinating Design Mid Century Dresser

Mid century dresser – If you follow decor trends completely, it is likely that you are familiar with the modern mid-century. Consists of clean and simple designs that play with vivid colors and patterns, the style works when decorating each room, whether it is found pieces or do-it-yourself projects. It is a distinctive look that is easy to match. If you are not sure where to start, then scroll for any inspiration you need.

Childs White Mid Century Dresser

Do not settle for a neutral storage unit. Paint each drawer a different shade for a colorful, contemporary make-over. Like this one, mid century sideboard has a fascinating design with different layers. Each telling a different story and together forming a beautiful whole. It has the shape of a jewel and it has a name that reflects that.

The cabinet has a strong and dramatic look, with brass details that merge with the shiny black surfaces and the black glass top. This is a luxurious piece that hides an elegant wooden interior in caramel tones. The sideboard is divided into three main sections. In the middle it has two drawers, while the two sides are cupboards with adjustable shelves and built-in cable access points. That said, you can use this device as a media cabinet. But also as a storage cabinet for corridors, bedrooms and other rooms.

12 Fascinating Design Mid Century Dresser Photos