Feel More Spacious Distressed White Bedroom Furniture

Decorating a bedroom with distressed white bedroom furniture gives you flexibility when it comes to choosing wall and accent colors. A good mating of a small space, white reflects light while providing a crisp canvas for colorful walls or accessories, and then eclectic vintage pieces to stand out. Decide if you prefer a pattern or color to the walls. With white furniture, you can go with neutral gray or beige walls, or energy the room with sapphire or light yellow.

Country White King Bedroom Set

If you choose bold-patterned wallpaper, balance the room with firm or small-patterned accessories. Buy a large oval mirror that will fit over your white vanity or desk. Position the mirror to reflect the room’s natural light. You can also hang multiple mirrors in different sizes and shapes on a separate wall to make the room feel more spacious.

Hang framed photographs of the family or favorite landscapes on a wall. Choose large and small frames in different shapes. Add warmth and texture to wooden floors with a luxurious carpet. Consider a patterned carpet if your walls and bedding are solid colors. Or a firm rug for the ground bold patterns on your walls or bedding. Layer your bed with blankets, soft sheets and pillows.

12 Feel More Spacious Distressed White Bedroom Furniture Photos