Feminine And Charismatic Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

Don’t let the word “shabby”, which means worn fool you, if you have decided to make shabby chic bedroom furniture. The shabby elegant interior style can be of a not very structured look and without well-defined rules. But it is undoubtedly very elegant. With DIY or bleached furniture and vintage fabrics that you might find on the market. The shabby chic style is very easy to adopt.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Color

You can also upgrade and reuse and reuse your grandmother’s furniture for example and add them to your home decor. Pieces of the flea market or items inherited from your grandmother can be beautifully combine with new and modern furniture in the Shabby Chic style. It is exactly this type of mix between the recent and the old that makes this style what it is: imperfect, disparate, incomplete, feminine and charismatic.

The trademark of this style is the used aspect, whether created artificially or naturally due to age. The signs of this worn appearance are various: scuffed corners, bare edges, exposed metal, weathered paint, visibly untreated wood … The style ” cut to the old ” is characteristic of Shabby Chic. Whether you want a shabby chic room, a living room or a dining room in this style, the right Shabby Chic furniture will go a long way towards creating a feminine and delicate atmosphere at home.

12 Feminine And Charismatic Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture Photos