Find Best Garage Lighting Ideas

Garage lighting ideas – A practical, multi-functional room, however, must have good lighting. If your garage is more than a simple place to park your car at the end of the day, make sure you put it up with lots of light. Fluorescent light has a number of advantages over incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescents for a garage. They provide clean, even light throughout the garage for optimum visibility.

Custom Garage Lighting

And they will operate at almost any temperature (as energy-saving bulbs will not). And they will save you a significant amount of money as they are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Family Handyman recommends that you install T8 lamps with electric ballasts as they will work at temperatures below zero degrees Fahrehnheit.

If your garage is also a workshop, keep it well furnished with a number of work lights in easy-to-access locations. Lightly work table with clamp-on light on extension cords. They will be right where you need them for routine projects. But easy to move if you need to work in another area of ​​the garage. For detail work, a clamp includes light attached to a magnifying glass. Use a normal household lamp as an easy way to solve a shady corner of your garage beyond the reach of your primary overhead lighting.

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