French Country Nightstand Or French Provincial

French Country Nightstand –  Is there a difference between French and French territory or French decor? In the past, the French-style public style was known as the French Territory – the name associated with Provence, where rural life has not changed with rustic textures, rich colors and almost primitive furniture, all inspired by beautiful rural areas. With the union of all French villages called the Province. But there are more French countries than in the interior of Provence. France is a large country and continues north, summer is cool and winter, not like the warm southern Provence region.

Antique French Bedroom Themes

Sights and games of natural light are also very different between north and south (and east and west). Traveling north you will find pale colors echoing in the northern sky, very different from bright and strong colors in the sunny south. This natural difference affects the color and style between these areas. Furthermore, historical and regional influences vary in various countries.

Apart from regional influences, residents also have their influence – ranking houses as luxury homes, mansions or middle-class homes, with the status of this house much easier than a simple home or office.  Noble homes can be ambitious traders, or maybe owners of a country that moves from the city. It is desirable that the Chateau lifestyle be filtered into these homes. Here, farmer’s furniture will fill in a good chateau decoration; hence the interior of this rural house will be very different from the interior of a farmhouse that works nearby.

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