French Provincial Dresser Design

French Provincial Dresser – In interior decoration, nothing is approaching great popularity from enjoying the design of the French region. It’s antique, ancient, beautiful and village. Using a lot of wood and decoration, it can be upscale or simple. If you like the look of millions of others, try it in the bedroom. You can have beds with swivel legs, white gowns and dressing tables, thin curtains and fresh flower sprays. There are many ideas to practice. See what we chose which can use for all bedrooms, large or medium.

Blue French Provincial Furniture History

Start with the bed. You can choose a depressant paint coating. If you have a high board and foot board, white paint to make it fresh. Skirts are a good idea especially if they are carved. Don’t forget not to forget it, because style cannot be reminiscent of rich artistic or medieval designs. Fluffy blankets, some soft and deep pillows and colorful bed covers with rich colors and luxurious red, cold or pale wines will make an incredible contrast. If you prefer a touch of wood with a bed, use many white beds.

Choose from the shiny metal that is preferred from wrought iron like a chair, whether to use it with vanity or not, looking for the saddest. Don’t confuse rust with depression and if the furniture you take is rusty, clean rust and paint. Add grain cereal that ‘looks long’ to create the look used. The skin has no place in the decoration of the French region because it is cheaper and preferred for coatings.

12 French Provincial Dresser Design Photos